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This is the place where experts, researchers and graduate students in science, engineering and the humanities around the world converge to tell the unique stories of their lives in research in academia and industry. Here, it is about

  • sharing research ideas with others;
  • networking with peers around the world;
  • seeking help when necessary;
  • finding resources and tools for research;
  • telling your side of the story in innovation.

Academic Joy is an original idea of an academic who realized that behind the achievements of every reseacher there is a hidden story, an inspiring struggle, an emotional journey that should be told to the world. It is the other side of success made of obstacles, insights, failures, persistence and determination against odds.

A well known American inventor Thomas Edison (1847–1931) said in Harper's Monthly (September 1932): "Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration". Unfortunately, the part of the story made of so much perspiration, the hidden side of the iceberg, is seldom made public. Academic Joy aims at helping researchers enjoy their time in research by sharing its inspiring moments.

In addition, to help foster a sense of community, Academic Joy invites you to join its team of experts/mentors who will provide advice and guidance to peers, graduate students and young researchers. Conversely, we encourage researchers to submit (see support page) a condensed version of their articles for a brief review, advice and recommendations from anonymous experts before any formal submission to a conference, journal or book project.

Instead of the uncomfortable "publish or perish" pressure prevailing nowdays in research circles, Academic Joyproposes the comforting "publish and cherish" idea.

So, would you tell us your story?

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