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AJ story

To conduct research is to discover, analyze and develop methods, propose new ideas and theories, derive new facts and solve enduring problems. The success or failure of a research project always teaches us valuable lessons, reveals our strengths and weaknesses but often conceals an unknown story. Behind the achievements of every researcher lies a hidden story, an inspiring struggle, an emotional journey that should be told to the world. It is the other side of success, the hidden part of the iceberg made of obstacles, insights, failures, persistence and determination against odds.

Academic Joy believes that every researcher has a story to tell and every story is worth listening to. Every story, from the riveting one that brought a prestigious prize to the inspiring determination that lifted the Ph.D. student towards success, is indeed important. An interesting way to explain your achievements and success in research is to share the story of its defining moments with audiences of people all over the world.

Your story is the unique part of your life in research that could not be presented in workshops, conferences, published in journals or printed in books. It nurtured the seeds of your success and could change forever the perspective of other researchers who hear it. During these defining moments of your life, what were the circumstances in which you faced significant challenges?

Share with us in any language (English, native) and format (text, audio, video) that best suits you, the ideas, thoughts, emotions or inspiration that led you to the finish line, the final answer. Please send us your story together with the following information:

  • Your full name: to help identify you (will not be published);
  • Institution/organization: name and address;
  • Your current contact: e-mail address (will not be published);
  • Identification: tell us if you choose to reveal your name, use a substitute name or remain anonymous in your story.

We recommend that you send us your story at AJ email story in one of the following ways:

  • Text: send us your document in a common format (Word, PDF);
  • Audio: upload your audio file to your preferred online repository and send us the link (tested);
  • Video: upload your video file to your preferred online repository (ex. YouTube, Vimeo) and send us the link (tested);
  • Others: would you rather tell your story in other creative ways (ex. song)? Then, let us know.

So, tell us your story, now !

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