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Academic Joy is an original idea of an academic who realized that behind the achievements of every reseacher there is a hidden story, an inspiring struggle, an emotional journey that should be told to the world. It is the other side of success made of obstacles, persistence and determination against odds.

The purpose of this blog is to propose to the research community interesting topics about important aspects of the life of researchers. We welcome suggestions, original ideas  and hope that these topics ring a bell in us and encourage all to engage in the conversation with others.

Thank you.

The Academic Joy team.

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  1. Avatar June 8th, 2015 at 11:10 AM Alba Says:

    - Congratulations Kasie and Zachary!!! and Beautiful big sister, Mazie!!!! Our falimy is so blessed to have a new Joy in our lives Memaw and Pepaw are smiling and sending their love I know. Many happy memories ahead with my Sunshine Angels!!!Love, Mimi xo

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